AAAA Self Storage Management Group

Moving Checklist

It is our goal to help make your moving and storage experience one that goes smoothly; and with proper planning, you can do just that. Utilize our moving checklist below to ensure you are on track and add to the list details that are customized for your move. Using a checklist customized for your move can remove a lot of undue stress for you and your family.

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  • Begin thinking about the details of your move and add them to this list so you don’t forget.
  • Create a “Moving File” that is brightly colored with pockets to store all your important information, phone numbers, calendar with due dates and receipts.
  • Contact the IRS to determine information on tax deductions for moving expenses and what records you need to retain for proper documentation.
  • Contact your insurance agent to discuss transferring of fire, auto and medical insurance.
  • Organize your filing records and determine what medical information you should make easily accessible like prescription refills, dental or optometrist.
  • Contact any business that you have an affiliation with for information on transferring, ending or selling your memberships.
  • Pull aside any items that are difficult or impossible to replace such as wills, jewelry, stock certificates, etc. and keep with you instead of packing them.
  • Research your new community. Contact the Chamber of Commerce for information on new schools, gyms, maps, daycares and so on.